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Union Wireless is experiencing service difficulties

— Union Wireless customers lost service Thursday and Friday

Union Wireless services went down at about 9 p.m. on Thursday and were restored to most customers by about 1 p.m. Friday.

“While performing routine maintenance, a failure in the Signaling Transfer Point occurred, (which is) a unit that handles calls from one switch to another and routes traffic (calls and text messages) from customer handsets to their destination,” said Union Wireless CEO John G. Woody. “Although redundancies are built into the system to prevent such a disruption, the back-up unit also failed for an unknown reason.”

It may take until next week for the source of the problem is identified, but customers should not expect further service interruptions.

“The company is investigating the causes of the outage and plans to take steps to prevent similar issues in the future,” Woody said.

John D. Woody the grandfather of the current CEO founded Union Telephone Company in 1914.

The company expanded into wireless communication and data services in 1990 and now owns and operates over 550 transmitters and broadcasts from over 400 locations.

It has 14 retail locations and serves tens of thousands of subscribers in Wyoming, Northwest Colorado and parts of Utah and Montana covering nearly 80,000 square miles.

Corporate headquarters are in Mountain View, Wyoming.

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