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Undersheriff honored

Jerry Hoberg earns law enforcement officer of year award

Tyler Baskfield

Advocates Crisis Support Services has selected the 1999 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Moffat County Sheriff’s Department Undersheriff Jerry Hoberg.

The selection process for the award began in October with written nominations and was open to any law enforcement officer who has provided outstanding service based on the following criteria:

Leadership Does the officer lead his or her co-workers in a victim response that includes dignity and respect, compassion and knowledge? Does the officer’s personal and professional actions stand as an example to others?

Commitment Does the officer, through his or her actions and words, show a long-term commitment to serving, and furthering the rights of crime victims?

Integrity Does the officer, through his or her actions and words, show a firm adherence to a code of moral values that enhances crime victims response and stands as an example to others?

Outstanding service Does the officer, through his or her actions and words, provide services to victims of crime in a manner that indicates a consistent professional and personal commitment that goes beyond their sworn duty to provide good service?

Working Relationship Does the officer recognize the necessity for victim services and does the officer conduct himself or herself in a manner that consistently shows a professional and personal respect for a victim service personnel?

Advocates chose Hoberg because he met the criteria and represents the best in law enforcement. Hoberg received an overwhelming number of nominations that specifically mentioned the respectful manner Hoberg treats all people and commended him for his leadership abilities. Hoberg’s dedication to the Sexual Assault Response Team and the Domestic Violence Task Force were also noted.

Pat Tessmer, executive director of Advocates Crisis Support Services, stated in a letter to Hoberg confirming his selection of law enforcement officer of the year that, “We admire and respect your integrity, knowledge, and compassion. Your sense of humor has diffused many difficult situations, assisted in creating comfort for victims, and lightened the lives of us all.”

The nominations Hoberg received for the award also point out his patience and professionalism in handling tough situations.

“I have been on calls with Jerry that require a great deal of time, patience and stamina. Jerry responds with a quiet professionalism and sincere understanding,” stated one nomination.

Another anonymous written nomination points to the way he treats victims with dignity and the compassion he displays.

“The leadership that he provides for sexual assault responses places the dignity of the victims as the first priority. … His work shows his compassion, knowledge about victims issues, his respect for people in general and his sense of humor.”

For Hoberg the award was a pleasant surprise and an honor.

“I had no idea that I was going to receive the award,” said Hoberg. “I have always been a big supporter of Advocates and I think what they do is great for our community. It always makes you feel good when you’re recognized by a group that you believe in and support. It’s quite an honor.”