Two juveniles charged in school vandalism |

Two juveniles charged in school vandalism

Christina M. Currie

— Two male juveniles have been charged with burglary, theft and criminal mischief after investigators connected them to the July 13 vandalism at East Elementary School.

The boys could not be named because they are juveniles, but 14th Judicial District Assistant District Attorney Dave Waite estimates they are about the age of 14.

In July, East Elementary School was broken into and vandalized. Suspects discharged fire extinguishers throughout the library, poured chocolate syrup on the floor and overturned card catalogs. Vandals took computer equipment and six fire extinguishers when they left the building.

The two boys were caught because they left many clues behind, said Lt. John Forgay with the Craig Police Department. In fact, some of the items taken from the school were found near the area where officers found the boys.

“There are still some loose ends,” Forgay said. “We want to make sure no one else is involved.”

Forgay said he isn’t sure if anyone else was involved, but said it’s possible.

“We don’t have anything firm,” he said.

Evidence was given to the district attorney’s office where formal charges were filed against the boys. They have yet to be advised of the charges, Waite said.

The boys are not being held and remain at home waiting for the justice system to run its course.

According to Waite, if convicted, the boys could receive penalties ranging from probation to being locked up in a secured detention facility.

A new Colorado law makes the loss of a driver’s license a penalty for a criminal mischief conviction. If a person convicted of criminal mischief does not have a driver’s license, it will be suspended until six-months to a year after that person’s 16th birthday.