Two Craig Libertarian candidates are running for state legislative offices |

Two Craig Libertarian candidates are running for state legislative offices

Erin Fenner

Craig residents Sacha and Travis Mero are running for House Representative District 57 and for Congressional District 3, respectively.

The married couple doesn’t anticipate easy wins, but they do want to get the message out about Libertarianism and challenge the two-party system. They both got the go-ahead at the Colorado Libertarian caucus in April and will be on the November ballot.

Sacha Mero ran for the District 8 State Senate seat in 2012, and said she got 4.5 percent of the vote without any campaign funding.

“That just shows how much people are fed up with our two-party system,” she said.

But, now the two are working together and setting up a local Libertarian group to garner more support.

“This time, we have a lot more organization,” Travis Mero said.

They’re talking to people in the districts, campaigning and raising funds. Their goal is to challenge voting along a party line and to start conversations.

“A lot of people will find they lean Libertarian,” Sacha Mero said.

The Meros said that’s because Libertarians fall in the middle on a lot of issues. Libertarianism is about personal liberty and limiting government power, Sacha Mero said.

The couple is for broad Second Amendment rights, same-sex marriage, a woman’s right to choose and the legalization of drugs. They want to limit government reach, empowering local governments to have the most power.

“We need to be preaching responsibility and accountability, rather than regulation,” Sacha Mero said.

She expressed frustration at the idea that a vote for a Libertarian candidate is a wasted vote.

“Any vote of what you truly believe in is not a wasted vote,” she said.

Sacha and Travis Mero will host a Libertarian meeting to discuss the goals of the local party and the candidates for the 2014 election, at 6 p.m. May 10 at the Boys and Girls Club of Craig. The Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, Matthew Hess, will speak at the event.

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