Trish Snyder: Adults inappropriate |

Trish Snyder: Adults inappropriate

— To the editor:

After reading Kerry Alonso’s editorial in Thursday’s paper, I felt the need to expound on a few details.

I was in attendance at the game and witnessed first hand the “polite” manner in which the kids were asked to sit down. Profanity was used and pop bottles were shaken and sprayed at the kids. These were the actions of the adults (I use this term loosely), not the kids.

At every sporting event I have attended at Moffat County High School, the students have their own section and they normally stand through the game. The argument, “We paid for these seats” is not applicable.

You do not pay for a seat; you pay for admittance. Where you sit is your choice.

Hats off to the high school administration and staff that took the initiative and roped off the area for students at this past Friday’s night game. This will be the same course of action for sporting events taking place in the gym.

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While you ponder the reason kids act with disrespect toward adults, Ms. Alonso, take a good look at the fine example of maturity and courtesy extended to these kids at the homecoming football game. As Paul Harvey would say, “Now, you have the rest of the story.”

Trish Snyder