Trash hinders local game hide collection program |

Trash hinders local game hide collection program

Tyler Baskfield

New red barrels have been placed around town and they aren’t part of a recycling project or some strange kind of barrel racing. They are part of a project to help Disabled Veterans of America.

Elks Club Lodge No. 1577 in Craig uses the red barrels to collect elk and deer hides as part of a project that benefits the Disabled American Veterans. The barrels are placed all over town and the program usually receives about 100 hides donated each year in the Craig area.

Once the hides are donated, they are tanned and sold with the proceeds going to the Veterans Administration hospital in Grand Junction.

The program works well, but Jody Watson, exalted ruler of the local Elks Club, said there is one problem the people of Craig can prevent. Apparently people are confusing the barrels with trash cans and throwing garbage in the barrels.

“It ends up costing the program a lot because we donate all of the time and gas to do this program and we end up wasting resources on hauling garbage to the landfill,” said Watson. “We just need people to keep from throwing their trash in the barrels.”