Transportation issues fill school board agenda |

Transportation issues fill school board agenda

School board considers providing bus for qualifying preschool students

Lee Harstad

The Moffat County School District Board of Education met Tuesday and the majority of the discussion dealt with transportation. Moffat County Transportation Director James Baptist was on hand to explain the motions.

Parents in Maybell asked Baptist to look into purchasing an activity van that would allow students from Maybell to participate in activities in Craig. The Maybell group wants to use the van for activity trips, not necessarily school related.

After discussion from the board, members decided to make sure Baptist had a chairperson to organize the van trips from Maybell and that there would be enough drivers to fulfill schedules of the riders. Once Baptist finds drivers and a chair for the van committee in Maybell (all drivers must also attend a van safety class), he will then bring results back to the board. The board approved a motion stating the cost of the van will be .31 cents per mile plus the cost of gasoline.

An amendment to school district Transportation Policy 3541.1 was also brought to the board, but the motion was not passed. This amendment would have allowed preschool children transportation, providing no routes are changed and a brother or sister of seventh-grade age or older accompanies the preschool student. Preschool children would then be released from preschool to an adult only.

The amendment was met with confusion by board members and upon discussion, despite requests from community members, the motion did not pass. Some board members believed it may not have been beneficial or worthwhile.

A new bus purchase was passed by board members. Believing the district needs a new bus for activities, Baptist brought up the idea of buying a new bus that would seat 78 and have undercarriage luggage compartments. Although 90 percent of the time the bus would be used for activities, it will be equipped for route driving. This purchase was placed in the district budget and the estimated price of the new vehicle will be between $86,000 and $90,000.

The board passed a motion that will allow Baptist to ask for bids for the bus and these bids will be sealed and received by the Moffat County Transportation Department no later than 2 p.m. Nov. 13.

In non-transportation matters, a motion passed allowing school district personnel to buy back their personal days. The motion passed reads, “Of the two days an individual receives for personal leave, a buy back will be in place. Should an employee so decide, they may sell back the days. The rate will be $50 per day, prorated for the number of hours an employee is scheduled to work. For example, if an employee is scheduled to work 2 1/2 hours per day, the rate would be 2 1/2 divided by 8, times $50, or $15.63.”

The Tuesday meeting was also the final meeting of three board members. Alman Nicodemus, Donna Reishus and Donna Deakins bid a sentimental farewell to fellow board members. Reishus gave a teary farewell to a captive audience and was grateful, along with Deakins and Nicodemus, for being able to serve on the board. As the final meeting for the three, they presented awards to area media professionals as a gesture of thanks. Recognizing outstanding media coverage of school district events and activities, the board presented awards to Craig Daily Press reporter Christina M. Currie, K27FA television owner William Engler, and KRAI broadcaster Mike Fuller.