Tracy Winder: A ‘yes’ vote is not a vote to secede |

Tracy Winder: A ‘yes’ vote is not a vote to secede


Here is the language appearing on the Moffat County ballot:


“Shall the Board of Moffat County Commissioners of Moffat County, in concert with the County Commissioners of other Colorado Counties, pursue becoming the 51st State of the United States of America?”

If Referred Measure 1H passes, it neither commits Moffat County to any secession movement nor limits the County from exploring other available avenues.

Voting “yes” on this measure does not constitute your approval for our Moffat County Commissioners to attempt a split or separation away from the State of Colorado.

A “yes” vote means that you are willing to allow our county commissioners to study the matter of secession more thoroughly; to assess what steps may be necessary to make secession possible; to determine what other options may be available to Colorado counties to attain rural representation at the state level; and to continue to evaluate secession and other options that would enhance Moffat County’s ability to retain local control of our own economy and lifestyle.

To further explain the Moffat ballot issue, Jeffrey Hare, a speaker at the recent open community meeting on Oct. 2, stated that if Measure 1H passes in Moffat County, it constitutes what could be described as “an unbinding referendum,” which simply continues the process of Moffat County Commissioners researching, considering and scrutinizing the possibility of forming a 51st State as one possible alternative to the Colorado State government’s aggressive strategy of “one size fits all.”

The “secession” movement in Colorado is in its infancy. According to Mr. Hare, information about the initial organizational meetings were leaked to the media before the group was prepared for public discussions. There is much yet to learn and prepare before any substantive actions can take place.

Passage of Referred Measure 1H will allow county residents time to examine and discuss this issue in further detail.

Any person or organization that may be telling you something different is incorrect.

Information is available at the website.

Tracy Winder,
Moffat County Resident


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