Tony St. John: TMH is excellent |

Tony St. John: TMH is excellent

To the editor:

A few weeks ago, I got pretty sick, and had to be admitted to The Memorial Hospital here in Craig. I have lived in Craig for more than 30 years and stayed in the hospital as an outpatient a few times. This was the first time that I was admitted and spent two days and nights.

I would like the people in Craig and surrounding areas to know how great my health care experience was at TMH.

The emergency room, doctors, nurses, staff and all who attended me gave me excellent care. From those who took my pulse to drawing blood, who just were being there to care for me were very professional. They had great personalities. I would say they all had the same thing in mind in doing their job: taking care of their patients.

I would recommend The Memorial Hospital of Craig to anyone who needs hospital care. I would like to personally thank the following hospital staff who took such good care of me: Dr. Kafunama, Dr. Leap, RJ, Krystal, Danielle, Shannon, Kelly, Joni, Susan, Aubrey, Tanyse, Chrystal, Candice, Leanna and Alisha.

If I failed to put a name down, I apologize. But you know who you are, and I thank you.

Tony St. John