Toni Rodriguez: Thanks, VNA |

Toni Rodriguez: Thanks, VNA

To the editor:

I just want to give a word of gratitude and appreciation to the Visiting Nurse Association of Craig for the extraordinary care and help that they’ve given me despite how difficult I became for them to deal with in the face of agonizing pain caused by an epidural injection in my spine that backfired two weeks ago.

You gave me a respite, comfort and care for the pain while in the meantime working out regular pain management. During those two weeks, I know I was very difficult to work with because of the agonizing pain I was in, but you all ignored that and kept in mind I was still a human being, no matter how much trouble I caused.

You helped me to the end, and now I’m getting back on track and everything is starting to go well again. I’m feeling better.

To Laura and Suzanne and Evelyn and the girls at the front desk, I just want to let everyone know how great you had been in the emergency care that you’ve given me to give me comfort from that pain.

Thank you all very much. Everyone who gets this paper deserves to know how wonderful your care was and how grateful I am.

Thank you.

Toni Rodriguez



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