Toni Marshall: An unforgivable act |

Toni Marshall: An unforgivable act

To the editor:

On the night of Tuesday, September 4, I had just gotten home from work and a vehicle passed my house, my street is very busy so I didn't pay any attention to the vehicle until I heard that very distinctive thud and a horrible scream from a dog.

The vehicle screeched then took off. I knew a poor dog had been hit.

It is forgivable to hit an animal that might run out in front of you if you can't miss it but it is not at all forgivable to not stop. Shame on this person that didn't care enough for one of God's creatures to take responsibility for their action, and just leave it there to suffer and die.

As far as that goes, especially in the dark, it could be a person that you hit and ran from.

Toni Marshall