Tom Cramer: Vote for Moe |

Tom Cramer: Vote for Moe

To the editor:

It’s campaign time again here in Moffat County. We will get to hear promises from our candidates pledging things they will accomplish if elected — all the candidates, that is, except for one. Frank Moe has been very active for the past few years trying to help our ranchers, miners and business owners. He has spent countless hours and money to improve life for us here in Moffat County. He has dedicated himself to these goals prior to his even becoming an elected official. No need to make promises — he is accomplishing his goals and proving his dedication to our community right now, just as he has in the past.

I listened to Frank the other night at the candidate forum. I heard a man who has energy and passion for our town. He is already at work trying to improve our life here. What more could we ask for in a candidate? Please take time today to vote — and please consider voting for Frank Moe.

Tom Cramer