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‘Today is a gift’: Five minutes with Annie Nelson, 39, curator at Wyman Museum

Annie Nelson takes the buffalo by the horns with one of her favorite exhibits at Wyman Museum, One-Eyed Jack. Nelson, a curator and jack-of-all-trades, said she enjoys working at the museum because of her appreciation for antiques and other unusual items.
Andy Bockelman

Where is your hometown? “Craig, born and raised.” What has kept you here? “Family, friends, history. Some of my original family members homesteaded, so that’s partly why I’m here.”

Motto or outlook on life? “I’d say something like that famous quote, ‘Today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.’”

What all does your job involve? “I feed Clyde the elk, I help with all the special events here, I help load pallets, I help decorate, I work the forklift, I’ve done all kinds of stuff. I guess I’m kind of a jack of all trades.”

Favorite part of the job? “For one, my boss is fabulous, I went to high school with her. I love the stories here and the history, and I have a deep fascination with antiques. And, I just like being able to interact with people in the community.”

Favorite meal from a local restaurant? “Gino’s Al Capone calzone. It’s got a lot of sausage and cheese and pepperoni, it’s just great.”

A book, movie, TV show, or musician you’re embarrassed to admit you like? “I’d say Barry Manilow. (Laughs) On the other extreme, I really like Korn. I love all realms of music.”

Pet peeve? “Gossip and all the negativity that comes with it. I also don’t like being at the movies and seeing people chewing popcorn with their mouths open. It’s just gross.”

Favorite part of life in Northwest Colorado? “Nature’s always been an escape for me. You can feel a part of it no matter what’s going on in the world, and it’s always here for you. We’ve got every biome readily available here and it’s incredibly beautiful.”

Ideal Valentine’s Day experience? “Just to be reinforced by knowing that you’re loved and appreciated. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just a sincere hug and kiss. That’s just so important and heartfelt to me.”

Perfect vacation destination? “I really love Alaska, and I’d love to go there and go fishing on one of the rivers for salmon or have a canoe and be able to go explore areas where there’s not a lot of people. Maybe I’d have a cabin there. I’d like to go to Canada or the Yukon, too. The darkness would get to you if you were living there, but I’d love to hop in a puddle jumper and find a secluded spot where you could survive on your own and get down to basics.”

Proudest accomplishment? “Climbing Mount Elbert twice, once in snowshoes and once in the summer.”

Most embarrassing moment? “There’s a lot of those (laughs). I guess when I tried to karate chop my boss, Nicky, with a DustBuster. She scared me jumping out from behind one of the tractors and it was embarrassing and hilarious at the same time.”

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