TMH Living Well: TMH gynecologist offers solutions to infertility |

TMH Living Well: TMH gynecologist offers solutions to infertility

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Solutions to Infertility

Join Dr. Eileen Joyce, OBGYN, in an informal discussion on how to conceive and learn solutions to infertility. No charge, no reservation needed.

5:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 25

CNCC Library, 2801 W. Ninth Street, Craig

Once you set your mind on getting pregnant you want it to happen right away. When it doesn’t, you might start thinking something is wrong. Keep in mind that true infertility affects only one in seven couples, and getting pregnant often takes at least a few months, often longer.

Most couples that are trying to get pregnant will be successful within a year, with 20 percent conceiving in one month and 70 percent in six months. If it has been longer than six months or nearing a year, you may want to get some answers from a doctor. Seeing an OBGYN before trying to conceive is also a good idea to ensure your body is in an optimal state for pregnancy.

“I recommend setting a pre-conception consult when you are ready to start trying. That way we can identify any risk factors for infertility, concerns around pregnancy or genetic disorders upfront and address them,” said Dr. Eileen Joyce, OBGYN with TMH Medical Clinic.

Reasons for infertility are varied. It’s an even split when it comes to who is causing the issue, the man or the woman. For men, common causes are sperm problems or tube blockages. For women, common causes are endometriosis, ovulation problems or poor egg quality.

In her talk next Wednesday, Dr. Joyce will be chatting with interested women about infertility and answering any questions they might have. She imagines she will answer the questions, “What is infertility?” “What are some of the common causes?” and “How can we go about diagnosing the cause of infertility and treating infertility?”

“There are several treatment options for infertility. We can induce ovulation and even combine that with sperm washing and intrauterine insemination to increase chances,” Joyce said.

Sperm washing is a method used to separate sperm from semen and remove sperm that can’t move, making the sperm more concentrated and effective. Washed sperm can then be artificially inseminated into the uterus. These procedures can be done at an OBGYN’s office.

Other options for conceiving include an ultrasound evaluation, injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to help the egg release from the ovary, hormone support and more.

“Some causes of infertility are simple, including a lack of ovulation that we can treat with medications, poor timing of intercourse and misjudgments predicting ovulation,” she said.

As a woman, whether or not your periods are regular, and your general health all affect your chances to get pregnant. Women are most fertile in their 20s, with fertility dropping as the years pass.

“If you are older or have outlying health issues, you may want to complete a work up as soon as you start trying,” Joyce said.

If you have questions about conceiving, plan to attend Dr. Joyce’s informal discussion this Wednesday evening. Dr. Joyce is pleased to share her extensive experience on infertility with Craig residents.

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