TMH doctors: More than a vote for a pretty building |

TMH doctors: More than a vote for a pretty building

TMH doctors

Building a new hospital is not just about having a pretty, new building.

It’s about being able to use today’s technology and state-of-the-art equipment to take care of our patients now and into the future.

It’s about doctor’s wanting to practice medicine in the 21st century, not the 20th century.

In order to recruit and retain excellent new doctors, we must show that this community is committed to providing quality medical care, so that physicians don’t feel as though they took a step back in time by 20 years when they come to practice in Craig. It’s about wanting to be efficient and use computer age technologies to give our patients the best care possible.

It’s about surgeons hitting their heads on the base to the operating room lights because many people were not as tall 60 years ago as they are today. Sure, to a point some things can be remodeled (which they have been multiple times already), but there are major structural improvements that cannot be done without a new building.

We want a hospital built up to 2008 code requirements, not 1985. Think about the advances in medicine during the past 60 years since The Memorial Hospital was built. Most of the equipment we have today was not available back then.

Not only has space for this equipment become a problem, but the electrical system is out of date.

In our operating room, we can have brand new laparoscopic equipment, yet when plugged into our old electrical outlets, there is snow on the screen when electrocautery is used. Would you want to buy a television set for your home with the newest technology, if when you plugged it into your home outlet the picture quality was not up to par?

TMH is a community hospital. The hospital and physicians here treat patients whether they can pay or not. We are now asking the community to help us help you.

If we don’t invest in a new hospital now, we will never have anything more than what we have today.

In fact, we will have much less. That is, if we have a hospital at all.

Hospitals and schools are the backbone of a community. Let’s have pride in our community, and hope for our future.

Vote yes on 1A and 3A.


Tammy Rice, M.D.

Jeff Womble, M.D.

Stanley Pense, M.D.

Andreas Sauerbrey, M.D.

Michael Sisk, M.D.

Billy Bertram, RN, CNOR

Mike Lyon, CRNA

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