TMH announces finalist for CEO position |

TMH announces finalist for CEO position

The Memorial Hospital/For the Saturday Morning Press
John Rossfeld

According to The Memorial Hospital, the TMH Board of Trustees announced at its Thursday board meeting that it is considering John Rossfeld for the permanent CEO position. Rossfeld is currently TMH’s interim CEO.

Rossfeld has held the interim position since January. He recently indicated to the board that he wanted to be considered as a finalist for the position after spending the past six months working for the hospital.

“I have worked in the Los Angeles area, Reno, Miami and Salt Lake City as well as at three significant teaching hospitals in these communities, and I can honestly say that the care here at TMH is as good and in many ways even better than the care in these communities and their hospitals,” Rossfeld said in a statement.

“The board was very pleased to hear that John is interested in taking the permanent position,” TMH Board Chairman Don Cook said in a statement. “Under John’s leadership this past six months, we’ve been able to implement ideas and programs that until now were only talked about. John brings terrific leadership and vision to TMH.”

The board will make a decision about the permanent CEO on July 25. The community will get a chance to meet and talk with Rossfeld from 5 to 6:30 p.m. July 22 at The Memorial Hospital.


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