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Tina Williams: Protecting our furry friends

Noelle Leavitt Riley
Tina Williams works at The Community Budget Center in Craig. She also takes care of animals in need.
Noelle Leavitt Riley

You’d be hard-pressed to stop by Tina Williams’ house and not see foster animals running around.

For the last 8 years, she’s fostered cats, kittens, dogs and puppies in need of warmth, love and food. She also volunteers at the Moffat County Humane Society, helping with a variety of duties.

“We need to educate people on spaying and neutering animals,” Williams said, noting that if people would just spend the extra money and time spaying or neutering their pets, it could save lives down the road.

She also cares for feral cats, helping tame them into good house pets.

“I like taming the feral cats,” Williams said with a smile.

Her friends also notice her good work.

“She picks up the feral cats with babies and finds them homes,” said LaDeana Cook, who works with Williams at the Community Budget Center.

When Williams isn’t taking care of cats and dogs, she’s working to make Craig a better place for those who can’t afford much, including electric and medical bills.

The Budget Center offers assistance to those in need, one of many duties that Williams enjoys.

“We help people with their heat, electric, water and medical bills,” she said.

Essentially, her day job is to help Craig residents with their needs, and her night job is taking care of animals in need.