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Tim Douglas: Just 15 minutes could save a life

Tim Douglas, Pastor, Ridgeview Church of God

I read a quote once from Dwight L. Moody, a great American evangelist of the last half of the 19th century, which said, “God does nothing except in response to prayer.”

Interestingly enough, the statement is true because we know God will not force his will or blessings upon us, and Jesus himself stated that we are to ask, seek and knock (Matthew 7 and Luke 11) if we desire anything from the Father and when we pray in faith believing it will be done.

My cousin Robby Dawkins pastors a Vineyard Church in Aurora, Ill., a suburb of Chicago, and he was in Grand Junction at the Vineyard Church a week ago for a conference he titled “Living the Risk of Evangelism.” His point was how much risk is the “church” taking to pray for those in need so that Jesus would be revealed to the unbeliever. I get excited when the Holy Spirit gives confirmation into my life, and the confirmation was that I preached the Sunday prior to Robby’s conference on Mark 16, where Jesus tells his disciples that signs shall follow the “believer.”

In our world today it is not enough to go to a worship service on Sunday and go about our daily agenda as usual Monday through Saturday. Jesus told his disciples that they were to pray for one another, even pray for their enemies, and pray for the rulers in authority over them.

As we approach the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, the thought occurred to me to call all believers to prayer during the month of May. My suggestion is that Christians all across Moffat County pray for 15 minutes a day in the month of May. Now, I realize not all Christians will even see this article and probably the majority that do will not commit to 15 minutes a day in prayer. But how would it change our community, our churches and our individual lives if 500 (I’ll use this figure to keep the math simple) Christians in Moffat County committed to pray for 15 minutes a day in May. That is 125 hours of prayer a day, 875 hours of prayer a week, and for the 31 days of May, it would total 3,875 hours of prayer. Wow! And really, it’s not like there is a shortage of people and things to pray about. I know my list can be very long.

So would you be one of those who accepts this 31-day challenge and pray at least 15 minutes a day for our families, community, churches, leaders, military members away and perhaps in danger and any other area that the Holy Spirit reveals to you.

Also, everyone is encouraged to come together on the Moffat County Courthouse lawn at noon Thursday for a prayer gathering, when different pastors and community leaders will lead us in prayer for our community, nation and the world. God bless!

Tim Douglas is pastor at Ridgeview Church of God in Craig. He can be reached at timdouglas0@gmail.com.

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