Tiffany Lingo: Growing with Moffat County education |

Tiffany Lingo: Growing with Moffat County education

Tiffany Lingo
Tiffany Lingo

Education holds the building stones for a great future.

In Moffat County, my education was shaped firmly. My foundation was elementary school. In kindergarten, I remember learning the basics: phone number, address, days of the week. In first through fourth-grade I learned multiplication, states and the famous Planet Song. These things were arbitrary then, but it held my knowledge for what was to come. To this day, I remember the Planet Song and every multiple of seven.

Middle school was a predictable time of preteen angst, but the teachers who helped me added walls to my foundation. I began algebra, biology and world history. Though the times were confusing, they were necessary. Teachers in this district work well with children and knew just how to give me every opportunity I needed to succeed. The three years I spent in the building on the north of town are what supported high school’s teachings.

My four years of high school are almost to an end, and I have learned nothing but great things from the teachers around me. Here I’ve given speeches that ranged from completely incoherent, to ribbon-winning. I’ve sat on a council being a small voice, and have become the one to hold the gavel. I’ve written essays with red markings on every inch and have now been head editor for two Moffat County High School publications. I can only give thanks to every teacher and mentor I’ve come across. When times of struggle came my way I was not given an answer. I was given a path for a solution. This, to me, was what began the transition to adulthood. These teachers and advisors have placed a roof on my other building stones.

In a few short months, I will be off to college — gratefully with no fears in mind. Every aspect and transition wouldn’t have been possible without the others. Elementary school, middle school, and high school created the student I am today. Moffat County School District has teachers, staff, administration and programs that were implemented to build a perfect foundation for any student.

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