Thom Schnellinger: High school graduation |

Thom Schnellinger: High school graduation

During the month of May, to a quarter of our school population, their entire focus is on graduation on Memorial Day weekend in our high school gym. Without a doubt, the students have worked very hard and their accomplishments are varied and significant. In the past four years, if these students gave it their all, they will fully reap the benefits with a number of opportunities, college acceptances, academy appointments and scholarships. For some, just the act of completing this portion of their education is a significant achievement. To all the seniors, to all the families, friends, teachers and mentors: Job well done.

I only ask that the joys of these achievements be not covered up by poorly considered or impolite behavior on the part of our graduates or the general public. Horns, silly string, noisemakers, beach balls, etc., are not welcome. Please allow the names and accomplishments to be read and heard. Shenanigans are not necessary and are distracting at best. Remember that the speeches, songs and presentations are all part of the ceremony. Unfettered celebration is not. That party atmosphere should be relegated to the backyards after graduation. Please honor the graduates, their families, friends, grandparents and out-of-town guests with a tasteful, polite display of Moffat County’s best.

To the Class of 2013, I have enjoyed each and every one of you, and I will miss you. I, too, look forward to graduation each year.

Thom Schnellinger

Principal, Moffat County High School