This year’s popular Halloween costumes range from creatures to candidates |

This year’s popular Halloween costumes range from creatures to candidates

Bridget Manley

Local youths will turn into superheroes, presidential hopefuls and everything in between Friday night.

With the help of a costume, that is.

As customers are preparing for Halloween, some local retailers are noticing which costumes are most popular this year.

Spiderman and firefighter outfits have been Walgreens’ best sellers so far, Customer Service Representative Amanda Tucker said.

Kmart customers also are buying other traditional Halloween costumes. Fairy and princess attire are popular with young girls, while many of their pre-teenage counterparts favor costumes based on Disney Channel character Hannah Montana.

Star Wars characters seem to be popular with young children, Kmart Assistant Manager Tonia Coates said.

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Other youths, however, seem to be drawn to scarier characters.

“Anything to do with horror movies” is popular with most boys, Coates said, adding that masks resembling Freddy Krueger, the star character of 1984 horror flick “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” have been a big hit this year.

The Nov. 4 general election has thrown another kind of costumes into the mix, too

Masks representing Hillary Clinton, former Democratic presidential contender, and her husband, Bill, are among the Halloween costumes sold at Walgreens this year. And, at Walgreens, at least, Bill seems to be faring better than Hillary.

Walgreens Store Manager Jeremy Mattingley said Wednesday he’s sold a few Bill masks but none with Hillary’s face.

That’s not the case, however, at Kmart this year.

Hillary masks were outselling those for Republican presidential nominee John McCain, Coates said.

“And I think a lot of (customers) liked it, because they think it’s a joke,” she said, laughing.

Coates added that she hadn’t seen any masks representing Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate, in stock.

But while some stores are seeing costumes sell at a quicker rate than others, Wal-Mart has not.

“We’ve seen a variety of everything go out of the doors,” Assistant Manager Yvonne McAnany said.

Costume safety tips

AAA Colorado urges parents to make sure their children’s costumes will help keep them safe as they take to the streets on Friday.

“With Halloween on a Friday this year, most festivities are expected to take place that evening, putting a large number of adult partygoers on the road the same night as trick-or-treaters,” Wave Dreher, AAA Colorado spokesperson, said in a news release.

Parents should ensure that their child’s costume is highly visible and fits well before letting them out to trick-or-treat, according to AAA Colorado.

Adding reflective tape to costumes can make a child easier to see when cars pass them on dark roads.

Planning trick-or-treat routes in advance, equipping children with flashlights and reviewing traffic safety rules also are recommended tips, according to AAA Colorado.