Thief preys on wrong mark |

Thief preys on wrong mark

Young thief gets caught red-handed by Lions

Lee Harstad

Three juvenile males learned the hard way about making easy money Thursday.

After taking a money bag with about $280 in cash and numerous raffle tickets, the boys in blue caught the suspects red-handed.

According to Craig Lions Club member Al Shepherd, the club has been selling raffle tickets throughout Craig for the past month. Thursday, Lions were set up outside Safeway in Craig, selling chances for a four-wheeler and cash prizes.

About 6:50 p.m. Thursday, a juvenile male approached the card table where the Lions were set up to distribute the tickets. Shepherd looked away for a second.

“A young man standing near me ran around the table and grabbed the (money) pouch and took off,” Shepherd said. “He ran toward the north. A Safeway employee saw him and we were able to later identify him.”

Apparently the youth had been lying in wait to take the money.

“They were standing around waiting … the kid wheeled around, grabbed the bag and took off,” said Kent Nielsen, Craig Lions Club member. Nielsen believes there were three males ages 14, 15 and 16, involved in the crime.

Within an hour of the robbery, Craig Police Department officers found the suspect in the apartments directly north of Safeway. Officers also located the pouch within the premises of the apartment.

Shepherd and four other witnesses were able to positively identify the suspects at the apartment where the money was found.

Shepherd is really pleasedwith the work of the Craig police.

“I immediately called the police and they responded immediately,” Shepherd said.

Those who have bought raffle tickets shouldn’t fear.

“Everyone’s name will still be in the drawing,” Shepherd said.

Proceeds from raffle tickets being sold will go toward the purchase of an eye-screening camera to be used to help area youth, as well as other Lions Club projects that benefit the community.