The winners are : |

The winners are :

Results from the Harry Potter contest

As if magic, they appeared before the judge’s eyes.

Three winners were named in the Harry Potter contest, sponsored by Downtown Books and the Craig Daily Press, for the writing entries about “the boy who lived.”

J.N. Rinker, Greg Blackstun and Anna McIntosh each will receive a free copy of the seventh book in the series, J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

And as Blackstun exclaimed when he was informed of winning, “That’s awesome.”

The winning entries follow.

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By Greg Blackstun

The question of Snape’s loyalty has been an unending saga in all 6 books.

The most recent event of Dumbledore’s murder would cause any rational thinker to believe Snape is just as evil as You Know Who; however, there happens to be people who wish to say otherwise.

The polyjuice potion is a potential explanation for Snape’s innocence.

Imagine for a moment how much this potion could change the outcome of the 7th book.

Maybe Snape didn’t actually kill Dumbledore at all.

Perhaps Snape’s victim was under the influence of the polyjuice potion.

The Dark Lord already had little trust in Snape.

The “killing” of Dumbledore would gain Snape access to Voldemort’s future plots and plans.

The second, and possibly most important reason is the fact that Severus never seized the opportunity to finish Mr. Potter off.

For six years, he has had Harry at the mercy of his wand.

The counterpoint, which is often brought up, is that Voldemort will not be invincible if he himself does not kill Harry Potter.

Therefore, Snape has been ordered not to finish him off. However, as the prophecy says Harry is the only one who can defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

With Harry gone there is no necessity for Voldemort to be invincible.

If Snape had killed Harry, there would no longer be anyone to challenge the Dark Lord.

This of course questions Snape’s loyalty to the Dark Lord.

Last of all is what Snape has contributed to Harry’s training.

Anyone in their right mind would never seek to help their enemy.

If Snape were in fact on the Dark Lord’s side, then why would he train Harry to defeat Voldemort? Take for example occlumency.

He gave Potter private lessons to shield his mind from You Know Who.

Why exactly would he try to defeat his own leader? No one can actually say that Snape is on Voldemort’s side when such a fact is taken into consideration.

Some still may say that Snape is undeniably evil.

Although when faced with these facts, even the most narrow-minded person cannot deny that there is a possibility of a good Snape.

All hypothetical situations have the same credit as of now.

The answer won’t truly be revealed until J.K. Rowling’s newest book is released.

By Anna McIntosh

Several years ago a new book came out.

It was called “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

Some people read it.

Then the sequel came out.

More and more people read it.

By the time the third book came out, almost everyone knew who Harry Potter was, perhaps even before.

It was a sensation.

Seven books later, millions upon millions of people are reading these books, and now people are waiting with anticipation for the publication of the final one.

I have had several theories, most of which tend to fall apart as I read another chapter of another book.

Many people have theories, but I believe that mine are different than most, if not all.

I believe that Sirius isn’t really dead at all, just trapped somewhere.

If you read the part in book five, just before he falls beyond the veil, it says that he was hit by a jet of light, it does not specify what color, or what the spell was.

Several people say yes, but he went past the veil, so he is dead, gone, no longer in existence.

Who is to say what would happen to a live person if they went beyond the veil.

So, Sirius could have been hit by a spell that killed him or one that just hurt him or knocked him off balance.

There is a loophole.

Also, I think that Snape is not loyal to anyone.

He was a friend of James, then he joined Voldemort, then he came back and helped Harry, then he killed Dumbledore, then who knows what.

He also left the service of Voldemort.

No one dares do this, unless it is out of fear to be caught among his followers.

How could anyone who does this so many times have any loyalties? I do think though that there is a slight possibility that Dumbledore is alive, although I do not believe he is.

Here are the reasons.

First, Snape was always making up his own spells, as we read in book six.

He could have just as easily said any number of spells, with either a same, or slightly different pronunciation, and any number of hand movements.

In order to do a certain charm you have to swish and flick, or it will not work or come out right.

So, if to do Avada Kedavra, you had to flick, a swish could alter it quite easily.

Also, Dumbledore trusted Snape as much as he trusted Hagrid.

Dumbledore is a smart man, not easily fooled by anyone.

Why would Snape come back and be loyal to Dumbledore and then kill him unless he had other motives under the pressure of the moment.

Many people think that Ron and Hermione are going to end up together.

I do not agree.

Also it seems as if Harry and Ginny are going to end up together.

I do not agree with this either.

I think there is a going to be a war in this last book, a war of the wizards, between light and dark.

It is awfully hard for people to be falling in love when they are in a battle.

I think what makes the Harry Potter books so interesting, not just to the teenage population, is that he is a normal boy, for lack of a better term, just trying to live a normal life.

He has triumphs and problems.

He’s a natural at Quidditch and casting spells.

He has teachers who don’t agree with him and a family that doesn’t like or support him.

People like characters in stories that they can relate to partially, if not more.

If he was good at everything with no problems except for Voldemort, people wouldn’t like him as much because no one has a life like that.

People may like the idea of a ‘Utopia’ at first, but after a while; sometimes they don’t like the idea as much.

Also, he isn’t a complete failure.

If he couldn’t do anything, then people wouldn’t be attracted to him the way that they are.

I think that J.K. Rowling did an excellent job at writing this series.

They are great books and should be appreciated. They are simple and complex.

A child can enjoy what is happening at that moment, but any adult can also enjoy putting together the different parts.

I do not believe however, that these are books to be obsessed over to the point that they have been.

It is fun to obsess for some moments, but when you no longer want to and your friend does, it literally takes away the magic of the story.

Congratulations with your story, Ms. Rowling.

It will never be forgotten.

By J.N. Rinker

Harry heard Ron and Hermione moving about, already up. They’d destroyed the last horcrux two weeks ago, but couldn’t find Voldemort anywhere. “Wake up Harry,”said Ron, “We’ve an owl from McGonagall. She wants us back for final year.”

Professor McGonagall met them at Hogsmeade station. “I thought I should tell you: Cornelius Fudge is to be Headmaster now.”

Harry was aghast, “But, a bureaucrat now.”

Arthur Weasley said, “I’m sure Harry’s just trying to protect you.”

“He left me out of whatever he did last summer,” said Ginny, “but that danger is over. Yet, still, he ignores me. Why?’

“I don’t have that answer, but I’ll try to find out.”

Footsteps sounded in the corridor behind Harry. Looking back, he saw no one. Harry might have ignored it, but at that moment, his scar started to burn terribly. Harry said, “Avada Kadavra,” and pointed his wand at what he thought was Voldemort. Harry reeled when, with a thump, Arthur Weasley appeared, tangled in an invisibility cloak. In a panic. Harry wrapped the body in the cloak and hid it in the Forbidden Forest.

Harry stood in the Headmaster’s office. “Ah, Harry,” said Fudge, “I’ve been thinking; you should take a trip to Durmstrang. Get more support against Voldemort. Take the Creevey brothers with you.”

“Why them?”

“Well, they look so harmless, don’t they?”

Charlie Weasley shouted, “Ginny, look out!” but it was too late. The dragon wheeled on her and bit her nearly in half. Charlie could just stand in shock. She just walked right by. Like she didn’t even see it.

Harry was waiting in the station for the Durmstrang train when an owl brought him a small parcel. Inside, he found a note reading, “Son, I’ve sent this amulet to reach you just when you need it. It will let you see things as they truly are,” and a plain, brass medallion on a silver chain. Putting on the amulet. Harry was stunned to see not the Creeveys, but Crabbe and Goyle sleeping beside him. Goyle held an order for Harry’s death, which he altered to read, “Kill the bearers of this message.” After hexing Crabbe and Goyle so they’d think he was still with them. Harry left to find a train home.

As Ginny was lowered into the ground, an owl brought Fudge the message, “Crabbe and Goyle are dead.” He looked up, shocked, as Harry Potter arrived, in England and alive. Ron, seeing Harry, said, “You. IF you’d been there for her she’d still be alive.” Without further warning, Ron charged Harry. They tumbled, together, into the open grave.

Fudge pulled Ron aside after the funeral, “You and Harry learned a lot last summer.”

“Yeah, so?”

“So we might all learn from watching you duel. What do you say?”

“Against Harry? I say I’d get creamed. No thanks.”

“Ah, wait. This ring will shield you from attacks, even the odds.”

Neville Longbottom was in an alley, behind a convenience store. The duel was starting, and he couldn’t even apparate to the right place. Oh well, he’d just have to get his bearings and try again.

It seemed everyone Harry knew from the wizarding world had turned out for the duel. Fudge kept looking over his shoulder. When Harry tried to follow Fudge’s gaze, his eyes simply slid past a sector of the field, seeing nothing. In an instant. Harry just knew: Fudge was under Voldemort’s control. Crabbe and Goyle hadn’t replaced the Creeveys; they were part of the original plan. Harry turned and threw his dad’s amulet around Ron’s neck. Saying, ” Maelstrom Sanctorum,” he dropped to his knees and plunged his wand into the ground. A whirlwind of power sprung from the ground about the duelers.

Lord Voldemort stood up behind Fudge and said, “Kill them.” The crowd gasped as the Deatheaters, now visible, pointed their wands and shouted, “Avada Kadavra.” Only a small part of the curse went over the forming maelstrom to strike Ron. The rest was caught up and flung out in all directions, killing all who watched. As Ron fell. Harry heard a whispered curse from his ring. A sharp pain hit his chest, then shot to his limbs. Harry knew, beyond doubt, he too was dying.

Neville reapperated in front of Harry as the maelstrom subsided. “Harry, I’m sorry I’m so wha- what happened here? They’re all dead: the professors, the Deatheaters…”



“Neville, listen, you must see that Hogwarts continues as it has, or he wins, even in death.”

“But Harry, me? What can I do?”

“More than you know. Besides, who else is there?” Harry cried out as Neville turned, as if to go. “Wait. I have a story to tell. A story that must be told. And only you remain to tell it.”

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