The Sadvar Family: Light display impressive |

The Sadvar Family: Light display impressive

— To the editor:

Well, what a wonderful evening my family and I just shared. We took some time and drove around looking at Christmas lights together, enjoying the spirit of the season.

We really wanted to go and check out Clint Gabbert’s decorations after he was featured in the Craig Daily Press recently. But after realizing it was 17 miles north of Craig off Colorado Highway 13, I hesitated. That seemed kind of far.

But we went, and oh my goodness, was it ever worth the trip! This young man has done an amazing job.

We felt like we were in Disneyland or Las Vegas! He didn’t miss a trick.

We sat outside his home with our radio tuned to “his station” and experienced a first class Christmas production.

We sat there in front of the Gabbert’s home for about 15 minutes, but I would have stayed an hour, and I wish we could have. We drove home in awe of the time and dedication he spent to deliver such a well-done “production.” I actually had a hard time shaking the good feelings that it brought me.

I hope everyone will do themself a favor this holiday season and pack up the kids, your parents or even the lady next door and go out and enjoy this top-notch musical light show.

So, thank you to Clint and his family, Rick, Leona and Austin, for allowing us to share such an amazing gift.

Remember what they say: If you build it, they will come – and they will!

Congratulations on a job well done!

The Sadvar Family,

Rich, Nancy, Annie and Austin