The Rev. Tony Bohrer: The power of choice |

The Rev. Tony Bohrer: The power of choice

I have been on this kick for a while that everything we do is a choice.

No matter what is going on in our life, we still have the choice to make the right decision on how to handle whatever is at hand.

It is very interesting on how many people want to blame someone else for our actions.

“You caused me to do this.”

“If you wouldn’t have made me mad, I would have never done this.”

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The crazy thing is, no matter what, you are still in control of you.

Now we all have used an excuse one time or another and we have all blamed someone else for our actions. I have never heard someone blame someone else for their good actions, only their bad.

We want to take all the glory for the good things we do and blame everybody else for the bad decisions we have made.

Can you think of a time where you blamed someone else for you actions? I can. It is like being in school all over again.

“He did it first.”

“She made me do it.”

It is kind of funny when you look back and realize that I let someone else have so much power over my life that they were able to make me act a way that is foreign to me.

This is something that might be comical to some, but a huge deal to others. That people have so much influence in our lives, that we allow them to change who we are or who we are trying to be.

One of the greatest gifts God gave mankind is also one of the most destructive gifts He gave us. That is the power to choose. This is what makes the story of Adam and Eve so great.

I have thought why God didn’t put an electric fence around the tree of Life. He could have guarded it with lions and tigers so that Adam and Eve wouldn’t get close to the tree.

Some scholars say the Garden of Eden was 1,500 square miles. God could have put them on the other end of the garden and they would have never got close to the tree that they were forbidden to eat from.

But, God showed them the tree.

To truly love, you have to have a choice not to love. To do what is right, there has to be a choice to do what is wrong.

God wanted Adam and Eve to choose God and the only way they could choose him is if there was another choice in the equation. The Bible tells us that love is a choice.

Jesus said “to love your enemies.”

Nobody wants to love someone that did you wrong, but you have the choice to do what is right.

My challenge to you is before you make a decision today, that you look at the choices you have.

You are the only one who has to live with the consequences of your actions. Someone else might push your buttons, but you still have a choice in how you respond to the situation.

I believe that you will make the right choice.

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