The Rev. Michael Rapp: Being secular is easy … |

The Rev. Michael Rapp: Being secular is easy …

The Rev. Michael Rapp

Tim Tebow gets a lot of press for talking about Jesus.

Some say he’s the hero of Christian witness professional sports has been missing, some say it’s all fake and he’s just stirring up his own celebrity in a niche market, and some say he should be censored because it’s all annoying at best, if not downright offensive to shamelessly promote religion in the public square.

“Don’t be fooled by good sports or a cheerful personality… he’s that guy,” dissenters say.

He is that guy.

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Tebow’s been willing to say that he’s blessed by God with athleticism, talent, and a passion for the game that sets him apart as a really good football player.

What’s ironic to me is that everyone on the field has been blessed with the same, but Tebow is that guy because he says he’s blessed. I will never play football nearly as well as the worst guy on that field.

The best players out of our high school, and these Bulldogs have been great, have never played at the professional level. Tebow has most certainly been blessed, and so has every professional football player.

Why aren’t all those guys saying it?

I have a feeling that most would say thank you to God in private — after all, most Americans are Christian — but nobody wants to be that guy.

In this case, it seems the only thing separating that guy from the crowd is that he has the Broncos winning enough to say something.

He’s the only one who will stand up against the invisible wall in our culture called secularism. This disease infects most of us, intimidating the Christian right out of us.

Secular is an attitude with several rules (and if you break any of the rules… you’re that guy):

• God is great in private. … Never in public (no bumper-stickers or T-shirts).

• God is great in private… but don’t get too religiousy. God should be a part among many concerns in a healthy, balanced life. If God starts to change the way you work, play, talk or think, you’ve probably gone too deep.

• No names: Don’t say Jesus or Holy Spirit or Krishna or Allah. That’s weird. Say “God,” or “I’m spiritual,” then everybody’s basically the same.

• Going to church is above and beyond. You should go once in a while and feel guilty that you don’t go more often.

Tebow’s not playing by secular rules: he’s that guy, and I’m starting to think I want to be that guy.

Yes, some obnoxious Christians annoy me, too, but I’m more annoyed by obnoxious secular assumptions.

Christianity is not inherently annoying, yet Jesus did expect His followers to live differently. Jesus Christ is my whole life and I don’t want to pretend otherwise because of unspoken rules.

God’s made me pretty great in a couple ways and given me life.

As Christmas draws near, I’m going to try to be publicly grateful for the gifts of God in my life. If that makes me that guy, so be it, but it’d be nice if anyone wants to join me.

Happy Advent, Moffat County.

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