The Reed Family: Fond memories of Craig |

The Reed Family: Fond memories of Craig

My family was fortunate enough to spend the last two years in Craig, and I wanted to take a minute to let the community know how much we enjoyed it. Although we moved on, there is so much we will miss.

We have never lived anywhere where the people were so genuinely kind to each other. From the moment we moved in, we were met with nothing but kindness, and it continued until the day we left. One thing we learned was that we should have had a moving sale when we first arrived. We met so many neighbors on our way out that we would have loved to have gotten to know better.

Fortunately, we were able to meet a lot of great people we will miss. As much as we would like to name everyone, I’m sure we’ll leave someone out, so I’ll just highlight a few.

We had neighbors who would greet us with fresh vegetables from the garden. We had a neighbor who worked at the local kennel, who, upon hearing our dogs had passed, sent us an envelope of pictures she had taken while they were in her care.

We had a neighbor who, while my wife was home alone our first winter, plowed our long driveway.

Tom and Jessie, at Cramer Flooring, were more than the people we bought our flooring from. Dr. Wayne and Jackie at Craig Veterinary Hospital were so amazing, I got choked up saying goodbye. The people at MJK, who we got to know well, were always so helpful with all of our projects. Honey Rock Kennels took amazing care of our dogs and they were always treated as family. The staff at Gino’s was incredible, as well. It seemed every time we went in they were running around like crazy, but we always enjoyed our experience.

So many local businesses were full of great people, and we enjoyed getting to know so many of them. In what was really a very short time there, we really felt like part of the community.

I read a lot of negativity about the town, and of course, it is not perfect, but there are so many genuinely good people in Craig.

We would sincerely like to thank the people of Craig for their hospitality during our time there. For all its struggles, it really is a great town.

The Reed Family

Formerly of Craig