The Parade |

The Parade

Rebekkah Carslay, Blue Print

On Friday October 7, the annual homecoming parade took place between Craig City Park and Sandrock Ridge Care Center. Preparation for the biggest parade in Moffat County started in the end of August. Delaine Brown, Student Council Advisor said that candy would not be thrown. “We will enforce that, we will watch that closely.” First in the procession came a flatbed trailer full of Veterans of Foreign Wars in full uniform. Participants in the parade included sports teams, MCHS band and choir, FFA, Boys and Girls Club, Zumba Fitness, Yampa Valley Bank, Craig Chamber of Commerce, and Freshmen Class. The royalty drove by in convertibles, Kat Thompson and Jonathan Pando, the queen and king, came first followed by senior class, junior class, sophmore class and freshmen class attendants. There were assorted vehicles for the different organizations such as Law Enforcement, the Fire Department and the Memorial Hospital. People walking their 4-H dogs came after the truckloads of football players which, according to Abbi Wade, grade 9, “Are the best part of any parade” Several people in the parade and bystanders watching had their faces painted or their hair colored bulldog blue and white. Bulldog Spirit was thickly laced with anticipation for the upcoming Glenwood VS. MCHS Homecoming game.

student council takes on a large responsibility with homecoming and,”We have a have a huge freshmen group that is doing an amazing job this year” said Delaine Brown.