The Memorial Hospital has big plans for 2017 |

The Memorial Hospital has big plans for 2017

Area health care provider aspires to grow

During the fall, staff, physicians and board members underwent a strategic planning process setting 15 new goals for The Memorial Hospital. Goals were adopted by the board at its January meeting.

— The Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees has adopted 15 goals to grow the system, to change the culture and rebrand.

"I am excited about the rebranding of the organization. We have grown into much more than just a hospital. We now have the clinic, rehabilitation, orthopedics and much more. This organization has become a regional health center," said Trustee Todd Jourgensen.

Changes to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and any rollback of Medicaid by the new administration in D.C. or the state may impact area health care.

"Nobody knows (the impacts). We are going to keep right on going with what we need to do. Trump's nominee (for Secretary of Health) has been pro-rural health care and I'm taking that as a positive," said TMH CEO Andy Daniels.

He's more concerned about possible state changes.

"There are bigger concerns with the Governor's proposal for Medicaid in Colorado. Drastic cuts, hospital provider fees or taxes, those things are potentially more detrimental than in D.C," Daniels said.

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Seven of 15 new goals at TMH focus on growing hospital facilities, services and staff.

"You are never going to cut your way to economic prosperity, you are going to grow your way to prosperity," Daniels said. "That is why a lot of goals are growth-focused. It doesn't mean we are going to get them all, but we are going to try."

Two additional financial goals focus on changes that would alter the type of payment mix to enhance hospital revenues.

One goal aims to foster a spirit of ownership and partnership encouraging TMH to become more involved in the community, embrace the history of the organization and participate in training programs to further develop competencies and support retention of staff.

The list includes two quality and two service goals that aspire to improve customer experiences.

Each goal supports the TMH vision to "be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees."

Creating goals was a collaborative process between physicians, staff and board.

"We had multiple meetings including all parties and developed these goals through some honest discussions," Jourgensen said.

It has been at least a year, perhaps longer since the hospital had a set of shared goals.

"I'm not sure there were concrete, well-defined goals," Daniels said.

The board will meet again this August for it's next strategic planning process.

The complete list of goals is available through TMH by contacting Vice President of Operations Jennifer Riley at 970-826-3109.

Contact Sasha Nelson at 970-875-1794 or or follow her on Twitter @CDP_Education.

At a glance

TMH growth goals include:

• Rebranding the organization

• Recruiting new providers for services such as orthopedics and internal medicine

• Completing a master site plan

• Seeking funding to begin building new clinical and operational spaces

• Exploring options for an integrated I.T. system