The Lewis R. Livingston Family: Craig truly ‘hometown America’ |

The Lewis R. Livingston Family: Craig truly ‘hometown America’

— We extend our sincere appreciation and thanks to the many friends, doctors and medical personnel who assisted and supported our family throughout the past 18 months during Irene’s illness. We especially want to thank the doctors and caregivers who so expertly and generously guided our plans and efforts as we transitioned from our longtime home in Craig to Provo, Utah.

Your cards, phone calls, letters and visits buoyed us up and kept us in touch with our hometown community. We express thanks to the Craig First, Second and Third Ward members, Craig Association of Realtors and Deer Park Inn for hosting our large family during the days we returned for mom’s funeral. We will continue to hold all of our years living and growing up, schooling, ranching and thriving in Northwest Colorado in our hearts.

Craig is truly the epitome of “hometown America,” and a place to which we will return to visit whenever possible.


The Lewis R. Livingston Family