The Germond Family: On the hunt |

The Germond Family: On the hunt

To the editor

Last Wednesday night, my children’s pet ferret escaped from our house on Columbine Street. What followed was a ferret hunt that would make the FBI and the Sportsman Channel jealous.

First off, a little background about the escapee. He’s blond, short, very long and goes by the name “Mr. Weenie.” His name coming from the dog in the “Open Season” movies. To our knowledge, he has never bit or hurt anybody, is very friendly, but he is a danger to himself, because he is clueless about the world and the dangers that lie in it.

The hunt for “Mr. Weenie” lasted for three days and nights. The entire neighborhood was searching, fliers passed out and signs with our phone number put up. About 12 a.m. Saturday morning while I was out searching, because ferrets are nocturnal, I met Mert Thousand. Mert was holding back two very large pit bulls. The leather straps where creaking and straining under the pull of the dogs trying to sniff me. They were beautiful dogs but a little intimidating, so I decided to stay in the car. Mert told me that he had seen “Mr. Weenie” two nights before while walking his dogs. He said “Mr. Weenie” had come up to his dogs four times, and it was all he could do to hold them back and keep them away from this stupid ferret. I thought to myself there is no way this ferret is going to survive and is probably already dead. He is just not smart enough for the real world and the wild.

Mert went out that night after we talked, without his dogs, and looked for “Mr. Weenie” but had no luck. Saturday came, and I looked a little more along with my daughter Harley, but I was unable to continue. I had hunted this elusive creature for three days and could hardly walk anymore. Being motivated by my five children, I had hunted this weasel more than I had any big game in my life. I decided I was going to have to leave this one up to a higher power. About 11:30 p.m. Saturday, the phone rang. Mert and his girlfriend Sara Kustelega had been watching and looking for the runaway when they had been out and about. They spotted him near the Safeway parking lot. He came right up to them. They picked him up and called us. My daughter and I ran right down and took custody of a very grateful “Mr. Weenie,” who was very glad his big adventure was over.

Sunday morning was as good as any Christmas morning we’ve ever had when the three smaller children awoke to find their little friend found and home safely. All of our prayers had been answered. We would like to thank “Mr. Weenie’s” special angels Mert and Sara. Thanks guys, I’m glad to live in the same town as you.

The Germond Family

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