The French Bistro busted for BYOB |

The French Bistro busted for BYOB

Janelle O'Dea

Visitors to Craig’s new French restaurant, The French Bistro, are not allowed to bring their own wine into the restaurant, according to Craig Police Department Detective John Forgay.

Forgay stopped by The French Bistro on Monday to confront owners Didier and Florence Fraikin about their liquor policy, but the restaurant wasn’t open when he stopped by, so he talked to the couple about it on Tuesday.

He provided them a copy of the liquor laws in the state of Colorado, which disallows patrons to bring their own alcohol onto any property, regardless of whether the establishment has a liquor license or not.

The Fraikins said they have not yet applied for a liquor license. When they do apply, deputy city clerk Kathy Larson verified it takes about three months to complete the licensing process.

The Fraikins are not worried that this will impact their business.

“When most people come in, they don’t ask for wine,” Didier said.

Florence, the chef of the restaurant, said she thinks the law is stupid.

“Some people, when they come to have diner, they like to have a glass of wine,” Florence said in French, as Didier translated.

The Fraikins said they also used to allow people to bring their own alcohol into the restaurants they owned and operated in Idaho and Indiana.

Indiana’s law is a little different than Colorado’s in that patrons can bring wine onto unlicensed premises, but not a licensed one. Patrons in Indiana can also bring wine they made themselves to restaurants, according to GoBYO, an online service that spells out each individual state’s bring-your-own liquor policy for restaurants.

Idaho’s state liquor policy states that patrons may not bring their own alcohol into a licensed establishment, but does not include any information about the liquor policy for unlicensed properties.

Forgay said bring-your-own policy invites people to commit a crime through the open container law, and opens the door for underage drinking opportunities.

“I just went out there and gave them a copy of the policy and it was no big deal,” Forgay said. “They said they weren’t aware of it and wouldn’t allow it to happen anymore.”

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