The Dance |

The Dance

Brynnae Dempster, Blue Print

Moffat County High School students don’t get very many chances to dress up. Last Saturday night, they got that rare opportunity and they made the most of it.

The girls wore dresses with high heels (that came off as soon as they hit the dance floor), while some of the guys were outfitted in tuxedoes and dress shoes. The whole school was dressed up and ready to party. Students only had to pay five dollars and show their student I.D. or a guest pass to get inside. The cafeteria was decked out with green, blue, and turquoise streamers. Blown-up fish were hanging from the ceiling and flashing lights fell across MCHS students and guests.

There were many eccentric ways the guys asked girls to this dance. One charismatic student asked a girl over the school intercom. Another wrote it on a bunch of balloons and packed his car with them. This dance had many chaperones wandering through and around the dance students. They were making sure that students weren’t doing anything inappropriate. The MCHS student council have organized this dance since August. They hung up the decorations Saturday, from noon till about four o’clock that afternoon.