The curse of the ‘Pressgrovino’ |

The curse of the ‘Pressgrovino’

David Pressgrove

As both a sports fan and writer, I had two sad realizations this weekend.

With the NBA and NHL seasons kicking off, I realized that I’m a man without a team in either league. What kind of fan or writer doesn’t follow a team in two of the biggest leagues in North America?

I guess the fact that I was born and raised in Kansas where there is no team in either league plays a big role in there being no NHL or NBA hats in my closet. For the most part, the Jayhawks and Chiefs split my sports-watching time during the winter and early spring.

Before you say, “We would like to welcome you to Colorado by allowing you the accept the Avalanche and Nuggets into your world of fandom,”

I must warn you, any team I root for is instantly cursed.

The last national or world championship for any of my teams was in ’88 when the Jayhawks beat Oklahoma in basketball. Since ’88 there’s been more champagne in Salt Lake City than in the locker rooms of my teams. If you count the Royals, Chiefs and Jayhawks (just basketball for KU) I’ve had 44 seasons that ended prematurely.

After going through this reasoning, I came to my second realization this weekend. I’m almost as bad as a curse on my teams as the Babe Ruth trade was to the Red Sox.

I can see it now, 16 years from now, when my three teams are still winless and the streak catches the Red Sox’s streak of not winning a World Series, the headlines will read, “The curse of the Pressgrovino” (doesn’t quite have the ring of Bambino, but it gets the point across).

OK, so there are a lot of fans who root for the Kansas tri-fecta (I refuse to root for K-State football, sorry) and a lot of things can be looked at as reasons for losing. The Royals = small market struggles, the Jayhawks = March Madness meltdowns and the Chiefs = the Broncos. But I have proof it’s me.

This past weekend my high school team won the state cross country meet for the fifth year in a row.

When was the last time they didn’t win? My senior year.

When did they win it before that? My eighth grade year.

A little quick math reveals that the four years I went to high school, we didn’t win.

So here’s what I’ll do. Since the Avs are decent, I’ll become a Red Wings fan. Trust me, it’s for the good of the Avs. Just do me a favor, if I’m at a local establishment during hockey playoffs with a Red Wings hat on, please don’t chuck your mug at me remember, I’m bad luck.

As for the lowly Nuggets I’ll cheer for “the hardest working team in basketball” because at this point in the season they are “the hardest team to watch in basketball” and my being a fan can only help.

So there you have it. As far as Colorado teams are concerned, they want to stay away from the man without a team and I’ll stay away from them…unless they’re the Nuggets.

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