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Terri Jourgensen: Yes on 3A shows caring

— My thought of an ideal community includes caring about each other, looking out to protect our children, and the safety in knowing that our children can participate in events and activities without due harm.

I believe that one of the most important responsibilities of a parent include ensuring that our children have and deserve a quality education in our community.

For instance, Amendment 3A will provide our community with new and improved facilities that will directly improve safety, security, lighting and ventilation systems. And we all know that healthy kids learn better.

I have grown up in Craig and have seen many changes, but still feel as though we are united, positive and are dedicated to maintaining high standards and ethical values.

By passing Amendment 3A, I believe that it would be very clear to our community and to each other, that we care, we protect and we value each other and our children.

Please support our schools, our community with the right investment.

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Terri Jourgensen

Parent, Friend and Community Member