Tech-knowledge-y: Skullcandy & Macbook |

Tech-knowledge-y: Skullcandy & Macbook

Skullcandy (full) headphones:

One model of Skullcandy’s latest over-the-ear headphones is making quite an impression on the headphone industry. The Mix Master headphones have become studio quality, street worthy “DJ” headphones. These headphones have a built-in mute button for quick access to silence and are flexible enough to be turned inside out to listen to a conversation and listen to the music at the same time. They also have a detachable audio cable for easy transportation and for that one audio cable that seems to disappear when needed. It includes a stashable case, encore ear pads, and is built with polycarbonate, ABS, stainless steel, aluminum for protection.

The headphones have what is called a “proprietary mylar driver,” giving a dynamic range and perfect bass. These studio quality headphones are rated very high for their quality, comfort, value, and looks. For just under $300 dollars, these headphones are top quality and built for the parties that just don’t want to stop.

MacBook Air:

The latest MacBook Air laptop is setting a high standards with the latest advances in the designing of this remarkable Apple produce. It is less than an inch thick and has a standard flash storage memory system. there are no moving parts within the laptop, making it reliable, durable, and quiet. With less space than an average laptop, there is room for a larger battery, providing almost six hours of battery life. With the latest product that Apple has been producing, it would me unprofitable to ignore putting in the new multi-touch technology. This allows the user to use two fingers instead of one. The LED backlight of the keyboard makes use easier at nighttime, without disturbing others. The laptop is equipped with a 2560 x 1600 pixel camera, and an Omnidirectional microphone.

The price ranges anywhere from $999 to $1599 dollars. The laptop is 0.11-0.68 inches wide, and 2.38 pounds, so the price is worth the size and performance.

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