Team 3 picks up third victory of season |

Team 3 picks up third victory of season

Two Craig girls fast-pitch teams face off in a regular season game

Bruce Tippets

— In girls fast-pitch action, Team 3 scored six runs in the first two innings to down Team 4, 13-4, Thursday at Loudy-Simpson Park.

According to Team 3 coach Steve Hafey, the two teams played their best game of the year.

“It was the best game of the season so far for the two teams,” said Hafey. “We had fewer errors and it was a good competitive game. The score doesn’t tell you how close the game was. We probably beat Team 4, because we ran the bases pretty well. We stole a lot of bases and the other team had trouble with that.”

Team 3 jumped out of the gates early by scoring one run in the first inning and five runs in the second to take an 6-0 lead.

“We jumped out 6-0 and our pitcher looked really good,” said Hafey. “That left the other team on the low end and they couldn’t come back.”

Team 4 then came to bat and scored one run when Jessie Snare had a single RBI.

In the third inning, Team 3 continued to pour on the heat on as they crossed the plate three times to go up 9-1. Amanda Wooten and Kristen Van Wagner, both had RBI singles in the inning.

“We beat Team 4 two weeks ago and I think that we played a good game,” said Team 3 pitcher Amanda Wooten. “I wish on the last one hit that the outfielder didn’t catch it. I was lucky on the other two hits.”

Team 4 then cut the score to 9-3 after Crystal Brown had a two-run RBI double.

In the fourth, Team 4 scored one more run to bring the score to 9-4, but Team 3 put the game away in the fifth inning scoring four more runs.

“We have won all the games expect for one,” said Wooten. “We lost to Team1 and they are the top team so far. We are doing really good this year.”

Hafey praised the efforts of Wooten who is the team 3 pitcher.

“Amanda pitched well and she had very few walks,” said Hafey. “She hit the ball hard at the plate.”

Hafey’s team has had only one setback this season.

“We are 3-1 so far this season,” said Hafey. “When we played Team 1 and at the end of the fifth inning it was 5-4. They bombed us in the last inning. We will be more competitive with them next time.”

The teams will compete again in games on Tuesday and Thursday at 4:15 p.m. at Loudy-Simpson Park.

“We have two games next week on Tuesday and Thursday to close out the season,” said Hafey. “We were going to have a tournament, but we lost a week last week and it put us a week behind, so there isn’t going to be a tournament.”


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