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Teachers receive software training

Lee Harstad

Kathy Gregory from Competitive Curriculum Corporate (CCC) was on hand at Craig Intermediate School (CIS) last week to instruct staff members on a new computer system thanks to a grant of $100,000 given to CIS by the Technology Literacy Challenge Fund (TLCF).

Last May, CIS entered an application entitled “Basic Skills Remediation at Craig Intermediate School” to the TLCF and became one of 35 schools in Colorado to receive the grant. Ninety-one schools applied. The grant was written by several CIS staff members, with Sheri McGuinn, Ellen Johnson and Nancy Muldoon as the main authors.

According to Joanne Birdsall, coordinator of the project at CIS, $80,000 has gone to purchase computer hardware and software while the remaining $20,000 will go toward staff development. The school has purchased 18 iMac computers, one server, three laser printers and a software program by CCC that is a key element of the learning process.

According to Birdsall, the software can be used for a wide range of subjects including reading, writing, math, career planning, personal finances and assistance for English as a second language students.

“The software will help evaluate weaknesses in students,” Birdsall said. “It covers a whole spectrum of people.” The computer program will also be able to tell the major strengths of each student.

Birdsall hopes to begin use of the software Monday or Tuesday and this year it will be used mostly for remediation of basic skills. Next year she wants to expand the program to cover all classes.


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