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Tanya Stoffle: Thanks, first responders

To the editor

Recently there was a very significant motor vehicle accident that occurred along Highway 40 just east of the Maybell community. Maybell is a very small community with a very large area to cover for our 100 percent volunteer emergency services. I am very thankful and appreciate the commitment of this community and to those passing who stopped to lend assistance at this accident. This includes those who called 911, those who turned their gooseneck horse trailer around to go back, those who assisted the injured by talking to them helping to keep them calm and discouraging them from moving, those who sat with the injured so I may assist others, those who helped move the injured to the ambulance, those who assisted with moving traffic safely, and to my fellow Fire Department Volunteers. I am very proud to live in such a community and want to personally say thank you to all of you as I did not get the opportunity at the accident. 

Tanya Stoffle