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Tamra Tucker: MRH should support community

Every day, our community hospital asks for our community support, and terminating 24 people is how our hospital shows support for our community.

Our community is just beginning to heal and feel relief from eight years of federal and state government policies that proclaimed a “war on coal” and threatened the very core of our local economy. Our housing market has been revived, unemployment is down and just when we can feel some sense of optimism, our own county hospital deals our community a blow that will have a negative impact, not only on the 24 people that were terminated, but their families, as well.

There seems to be an absurd amount of money being spent on bricks and mortar, however, little spent on the people delivering the healthcare. Enormous amounts of money have been spent on recruitment and marketing, but little on retention and preserving. We have spent a significant amount of money recruiting physicians our community loved, but could not (and will not) be retained, because the leadership, management and environment does not exist to maintain those relationships.

So now, we are sending our tax dollars to Texas!

Little information is available online with regard to Zion Revenue Solutions LLC, a Texas corporation that has been in business for a little more than three years. However, the president of the company had listed key elements that make any business office successful on a separate website.

  • Be proactive in educating staff of regulatory changes.
  • It isn’t always the business office’s fault!
  • It takes an entire team (registration clerk, nurse, doctor, pharmacy, lab and X-ray techs, medical records and business office staff, as well as IT) to create a clean and timely revenue cycle.
  • Each team member needs specific education and goals within their roles
  • Staff has great ideas; we should listen and educate as appropriate
  • If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten

Did we give our employee’s the adequate education, systems and teams to be successful?

The failure of any business office lies directly with the CEO, CFO, COO and revenue cycle director. Allowing 24 people to be terminated when management engaged in the practice of insanity (noted in the last bullet point above) is unjust and should never be tolerated by our county.

Simply put, 24 people didn’t do everything wrong; they lacked the leadership to do their jobs right!

Shame on each and every one of you who made that decision.

Tamra Tucker



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