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Tammy Workman: Cigarette butts are litter, a fire hazard

Tammy Workman

To the Editor:

This letter is written because of concern of serious fire danger at Loudy-Simpson Part due to careless smokers. Our group of Colorado Northwestern Community College Wellness Wednesday’s Walk for Fitness Class goes to this beautiful park to walk each Wednseday.

We enjoy being able to walk along the river and through the woods without concern about traffic and other distractions. The trails are littered with cigarette butts. A spark from a cigarette could emblaze the tall grass, dead trees and other vegetation.

We love this park and appreciate the work that goes into maintaining it. We would like to keep Loudy-Simpson from being destroyed by fire so it can be enjoyed by senior citizens like ourselves and all of the other community members who frequent the park.

Visitors to the park use the pet stations to clean up after their pets, but what can be done to not only reduce the litter from irresponsible smokers, but the fire danger as well?

Tammy Workman

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