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Tammy Stewart: Putting in resignation

Putting in resignation

To the editor:

To the citizens of Moffat County: I have resigned as the assistant Moffat County attorney and the Craig Alcohol Compliance hearing officer.

I was deeply hurt and shocked by election results of Moffat County voters. I cared deeply about Moffat County and took pride in serving the county. I was a local candidate. I took a $180 an hour pay cut to come protect the children of Moffat County at the Department of Social Services.

I commuted two hours on my own time, own gas, own vehicle and received no county benefits. I also gave many uncompensated hours toward my job as the Craig Alcohol Compliance hearing officer.

I did it to protect children. I did this at a great financial sacrifice to my own family. I will no longer be able to make that financial sacrifice and have therefore resigned as the assistant county attorney.

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The nearly 70 percent vote against me, strictly along party lines, has led me to believe I am not the best candidate to be the Craig hearing officer, as well.

I appreciate the wonderful people I worked with in the Department of Social services and the time I spent there.

I wish the very best to the many kind people I met in Moffat and pray for prosperity and peace for the county as a whole.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Tammy Stewart

Steamboat Springs