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Talk of the Town

This week's topic: Where should the new hospital be?

Nancy Muldoon
“I feel that our new hospital should be located where it is. The longer our community waits to upgrade this hospital, the greater amount of money our hospital will cost. I do believe that the hospital board made an effective evaluation on the placement of this structure. Each member of the board studied the various proposals and they came to the conclusion that it should remain where it is. Let’s get on with this project.

Pat Moralez
“The logical place for the new hospital is where it is located now. The reason for this is the cost that has been expended already. Those properties can be destroyed and start building in their place, while still using the existing hospital. When the new facility is built, then the old building can be destroyed and the site used for parking.
The existing site is easily accessed by patients. Moving it to another site, such as where the college will be built, may make access harder for patients. The Visiting Nurse Association is already in place at the existing site. Would they move with the new hospital to a new site? That would be another waste of a relatively new facility.
The Moffat County taxpayers have already voted down new projects, indicating that they are not willing or unable to accept any new tax burden.

Chris James
“The hospital in Craig is more than enough to fulfill our needs. In my opinion we do not need a new hospital. I know that the hospital owns nearly the whole block on which it resides on, giving plenty of room for expansion. If you walk into the hospital on any given day you will find empty beds. With not all of our hospital’s resources being used is it economically wise to try and build a new one? The answer to this is no, building a new hospital would be yet another economic burden on Moffat County. It would be much safer for TMH just to expand on the area that was purchased for that very reason. So where should the new hospital be? Nowhere. The idea of building a new hospital is like looking at a big fat penguin. At first it may look interesting, but in the end it just doesn’t fly.

Glenda Bellio
“I would like to see it put across the street north of the public safety center. There is almost 25 acres there that would give growth and investment potential well into the future along with many other advantages. Out of all the possible sites, the only place it should not go is the current site. It is too close to three schools and is land locked for any serious future growth along with many other problems. Even if the hospital has to be built in stages, there is no reason that it can’t be done some where else.

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