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Talented seniors share one last concert together

There are only a couple of weeks left in the school year and one last concert for the choir department. That means there is only a couple weeks left until Center Stage choir loses five of their seniors, Jordyn Caddy, Kat Thompson, Kelsey Nylander, Shilo Simpson, and Kaitlen Bird. The choir performed for the last time as a group on May 8th.

Choir Director Heather Dahlberg has been working with these five seniors since last year. Dahlberg and the Center Stage seniors have a very close relationship. The entire choir is sad to see the five of them go.

The juniors and sophomores tend to depend on the seniors when singing. Dahlberg says they sometimes tend to weaken their voices when there are fewer seniors to lead them. Dahlberg is slightly concerned about this but is confident the underclassmen will adjust. "We are going to have to work harder in order to make up for the voices being lost," junior Travis Johnson said.

Thompson admits it is going to be devastating to leave. She is sure they will keep in touch though. "We are like family," Kat Thompson said.

Dahlberg added "I am very sad to see them go because they have been awesome throughout the last few years I have been here.”

Although the seniors are leaving, Dahlberg is confident about the talented voices coming from the 8th grade and freshman class.

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Auditions for Center Stage occur after the spring choir concert. Dahlberg is looking for a good attitude, good attendance, and a talented voice when she is auditioning freshman. She said she is going to be strict in her auditions to ensure she is getting the best group possible.