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Sweepstakes scam arrives in Craig resident’s mailbox

CPD warns residents of sweepstakes scam

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

— “You can’t win if you don’t play” is a phrase often heard in a line to buy lottery tickets, but it’s also one of the telltale signs of a scam, according to a Craig Police Department news release.

A Craig resident recently received a $3,989.72 check allegedly drawn on an account for “Dynasty International,” along with a letter from “Advanced Financial Incorporated.” The letter advised the resident he or she was the winner of a national drawing.

The letter also stated the person had won $150,000 and that $2,900 of the enclosed check needed to be returned as a processing fee in order to claim the entire winnings.

The Craig resident suspected the letter was a scam and reported it to the police department. An investigation confirmed the check was counterfeit.

When officers called the informational number included with the letter, a suspect told CPD he was located in India before hanging up the phone.

Craig police officials remind residents that sweepstakes notifications are always a scam, especially if a resident hasn’t entered a drawing. Also, legitimate sweepstakes drawings never require a processing fee in order to receive winnings.


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