Suzanne Meyer: Appalled at newspaper |

Suzanne Meyer: Appalled at newspaper

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to express how appalled I am at the Craig Daily Press’ policy of charging to print obituaries.

I know that other publications print obituaries for free, which is as it should be.

I was astonished and disgusted to learn that the Craig Daily Press was going to charge several hundred dollars (as in more than $500) to print the obituary of a recently deceased lifetime Moffat County resident who was very active in our community. This same amount would have bought the 2014 Press Pass, which is 100 inches of full color advertising.

I feel that obituaries should be printed at no cost as a service to the community. There are a great amount of financial expenses involved with someone’s passing, not to mention the emotional expenses, and it is insulting to add to the loved ones’ devastation by charging to print obituaries. If there must be a charge, then it should be nominal; say $10 at most.

Suzanne Meyer



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