Superintendent David Ulrich talks strategic plan, communication during school board work session |

Superintendent David Ulrich talks strategic plan, communication during school board work session

Superintendent David Ulrich converses with school board during his first work session as superintendent

Michael Neary
Moffat County School Board Vice President JoBeth Tupa, Board President Darrell Camilletti and Superintendent David Ulrich study documents during a board work session Thursday in the Board Room of the Administration Building.
Michael Neary

— During Moffat County School District Superintendent David Ulrich’s first school board work session on Thursday, he stressed his desire to work on what he called a “strategic planning process.”

“I am a big believer in an umbrella document that is chartered and commissioned by the board,” he said, noting that such a document can “paint the lines for how we’re going to go about making decisions with regard to using our resources.”

He said the document would “ultimately be approved by the board.”

Ulrich said he’s observed success with strategic plans at other districts, such as at North Kansas City Schools, where he served as deputy director of secondary education before becoming superintendent in Moffat County last month. He described a “strong five-year plan,” with focus areas and goals, and he noted the importance of working on “year-over-year goals” throughout that period.

“It would be a living document,” he told the school board, “that this group would be expected to go through and monitor, evaluate and adjust.”

Board Member Darryl Steele connected the plan to superintendent evaluations.

“This would be a really good way for the board of education to be able to evaluate the superintendent,” Steele said. Ulrich agreed.

Ulrich said the document could contain focus areas crafted by the board of education and refined by a planning group. Such a planning group, he said, could contain about 35 to 40 people to help shape the strategic plan. He envisioned a group that would include two school board members, along with teachers, parents, administrators and other community members.

“In the best example I ever saw, there were two students who sat in the group,” he said.

He stressed the importance of students’ perspectives.

“Their voice is invaluable,” Ulrich said of students. “It was fascinating to watch the group, and when the kids talked, everybody listened. So I would absolutely want to identify two, maybe three, kids who would be able to dedicate themselves to be part of this process.”

Ulrich also talked with the board about the subject of communication.

“One of the things that I really am going to work doing is creating an atmosphere where, within our organization, whether it’s teachers or administrators, that they follow the chain of command, for lack of a better term,” he said.

Ulrich talked to the board about encouraging people to try to resolve problems at their sources.

“If a community comes to you in your role as a board member, please refer … a parent back to a teacher, a parent back to a principal,” he said.

He noted, too, his own role in communication.

“I really want to create that atmosphere where folks feel like my door is open,” he said. “They feel like they can have open conversations with me, and feel that they’ve had a voice in my office.”

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