Superintendent Brent Curtice announces he will stay in Craig

Lauren Blair
Moffat County School District Superintendent Brent Curtice announced Tuesday that he will stay in Craig after being considered for the position of superintendent of Montrose County School District. Curtice said he is eager to see through his vision for the district.

— Moffat County School District Superintendent Brent Curtice made the announcement Tuesday morning that he will stay in Moffat County after being considered one of three finalists for the position of superintendent in Montrose County School District.

“My wife and I have decided to stay and continue our work in Moffat County School District,” Curtice said in an email Tuesday morning. “I will continue to faithfully and fully perform the duties of superintendent with complete passion and enthusiasm in order to fulfill the goals and objectives of Moffat County School District.”

The Montrose district announced its selection of candidate Stephen Schiell for the superintendent position in a press release Monday. Curtice declined to say whether he withdrew from the race prior to the selection being made “in fairness to all the candidates and in fairness to their process.”

At Thursday’s meeting of the Moffat County School District Board of Education, the board voted, 5-1, , to pass a resolution to affirm Curtice as superintendent for

■ Championing “a district-wide curriculum alignment project,”

■ Establishing “a community-wide mission and vision of the school district,”

■ Having “overwhelming support from his senior leadership team, directors and administrators,”

■ And for embracing “a philosophy and culture of positive change across the district and community.”

“Members of the board … came forth and gave some good ideas on why they’re happy that he’s here,” said Board of Education President JB Chapman. “We probably need to do that with leaders in our community on a more regular basis. … We need to affirm them to let them know they’re doing a good job.”

Board member Darrell Camilletti was the single vote against the resolution.

Curtice and fellow candidate Todd Markley were questioned by the Montrose Daily Press last week regarding wording in their cover letters that appeared similar and in places, exactly the same. Both answered that they used a template for the cover letter. Exactly the same language was also found in part of their responses to a question posed in the application, which they said was likely due to their shared training as administrators in Delta County School District.

Now that the decision has been made to stay, Curtice said he is excited to see through the work he started in Moffat County, and is eager to follow through on the board’s decision Thursday to include funding for the iPad initiative.

“The board members really made a great statement on going forward with the vision. It’s time to really spend the summer (getting) all the work in place, so in the fall we can get our kids resourced,” Curtice said. “People are excited on the future of the vision.”

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