Superfood Tip:Canned pumpkin |

Superfood Tip:Canned pumpkin

This is the time of year where some of us have half-used cans of pumpkin lingering in our refrigerators. Canned pumpkin offers a convenient boost of nutrition. Just half of a cup offers 4 grams fiber, 40 calories, 0.5 grams fat, and almost all your daily need of vitamin K.

It can be easy to incorporate into food such as smoothies, and can be used instead of butter, pancakes, sauces, curry type soups.

Lindsey Hester

Registered dietitian at The Memorial Hospital


Colorado treats marijuana taxes like ‘a piggy bank,’ but top lawmakers want to limit spending to two areas

June 25, 2019

The complaints from constituents and policy advocates are aimed at the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund, a depository for about half of the $272 million the state is expected to generate this fiscal year from marijuana-related taxes. The legislature has guidelines for how the money should be spent, but lawmakers can use it for just about anything they want. And in practice, they do, splitting the money among dozens of different programs, across more than a dozen state agencies.

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