Superfood Tip: The power of salmon |

Superfood Tip: The power of salmon

Every one of salmon’s 244 calories per 4 ounce serving provides loads of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids not commonly found in other foods. One serving of salmon contains vitamin D, B12, high amounts of protein, selenium (powerful antioxidant), phosphorus and the omega 3 fatty acid-DHA.

DHA is one of the handful of omega 3 fatty acids that is essential in developing and maintaining neurological health. This type of omega 3 only is found in cold water, fatty fish such as salmon. But don’t go eating salmon every meal, every day. Mercury contamination in these fish still is an issue in some parts of the ocean. It is recommended to choose wild caught, Alaskan salmon and to consume no more than 3 servings per week.

Lindsey Hester, RD

Registered Dietitian,
The Memorial Hospital-Craig


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